Start Collecting

As we see on many of the popular antiques shows, people collect all manner of items from drink coasters to teddy bears, toy cars to vintage clothing, teaspoons to tea caddies. Some are high value items, but a great deal of pleasure can be derived from more commonplace objects. When amassed together, even relatively mundane pieces can create a striking display. What you decide to collect is purely a matter of taste, and also depends on what you wish to achieve. Collecting certain items can be not only pleasurable but a form of investment for the future.

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The Vocabulary of Car Collecting

Some old cars are just old. Some are donated to charity, if charity will take them. Others are given up during community clean-ups and some make the journey to the wrecking yard. But a few actually increase in value. There are old cars bringing higher prices than they did when new.

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Carwash Franchisor Case Study

There are only a handful of car wash franchises in the world. This might offer some insight on how car wash franchises come into existence. This is a crazy story. It is the history of our company and how we ended up in the Carwash Franchise business. One of our franchisees of our mobile car wash business; The Car Wash Guys, was in Idaho, was the son of a wheat farmer, the areas largest farm family land holder in Idaho’s banana belt. About a month before he called us I put up this web site called and said what the hell, I will put up a form in case someone wants to buy a franchise for only auto detailing and not mobile car washing we can make a sub franchise out of it. Previously I did a couple of trade shows. The Black Expo and a BizOp/franchise show, great results and really I did not need any leads. But what I learned was their were significant people wanting low-priced franchises. So I put up the website and put a form on it and the very next day I get a lead from Phil the farmer in Idaho, looking for a simple business. He wanted to start a business, but stick more with auto detailing on a mobile bases, which was slightly different than that of our mobile care wash franchise. So he wanted a franchise ID. But heck I was in CA and ID seemed like another World at the time. It was. Things went good, because we made it work and Phil then bought a car wash guys mobile truck and later an auto detailing trailer and hired on some more workets.

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