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Collecting Your News and Information Online

Today the print media is having economic troubles, as advertisers migrate to online venues. Of course, the print media is diversifying quickly and moving towards the Internet themselves. Still, you cannot get all your print media online all the time. Some magazines are only in paper form and if you want to stay on top of information and news, you will need a wide range of trade journals and popular magazines to do this. But how can you get all the magazines you want to read?

There are many strategies one can employ to getting access to such magazines. Trade Magazines can often be ordered online for free, while others can be picked up at Industry Trade Shows and then signing up there. Spending one to two days a month at a major bookstore coffee shop allows you to scan through Magazines and take notes, looking up the rest of the information online later.

Many magazines now have an online versions, which is sent by email, not all of it, such as classified ads or contributed byline filler articles, is online, but reading online and occasionally at a bookstore will keep you up to date. If you cannot find a specific trade journal or magazine each month, then even every other month or quarter will keep you up to speed.

Industries are a lot slower to change than one might think. New innovations remain topics for 4-6 months covering all the angles, marketing and exploits. It is not as difficult as it looks. As the coordinator for the Online Think Tank, it is literally my job to stay abreast of information in industry, government, non-profit sector and around the world. Below are the magazines that I review to do just that.

Foreign Affairs

Aviation Week and Space Technology

Nasa TechBriefs


Airport Business

Ground Support

Composite Technologies

Coatings World

Pollution Equipment News

Inbound Logistics

PDF Plastics Distributor and Fabricator

Health Management Technology

Campus Technology

Speech Technology Magazine

Microwave Journal



RFID Journal


Government Video

Federal Computer Week

B to B (online marketing)


The Economist

Global Finance

Financial Times

Wall Street Journal

Investors Business Daily

Harvard Business Review


Financial Advisor


Advertising Age

Broadband Properties

Professional Builder

Architectual Digest

Clean Rooms

Foreign Affairs

Florida Trend’s Business Florida

Hispanic Business

Red Herring

Desktop Engineering

Scientific American

Science AAAS

Popular Science

Popular Mechanics

National Oil and Lube News

Octane, Canada’s Car Wash and Petroleum Magazine

Commercial Carrier Journal

Transport Topics


Tire Business

Mobile-Tech News and Views

Professional Carwash Magazine

Modern Car Care

Detailers Digest

American Window Cleaner

Westways by AAA

Family Motor Coaching


Private Pilot


Runner’s World


Mayflower Quarterly

Obviously, not everyone will have such a robust periodical reading list, nor should they, as it can take up a bit of time each month. Nevertheless, the same strategies should be employed by those who seek information or consider themselves news junkies – Think on this, and see what you come up with.

Antiques of the Future

Can you imagine what tomorrows antiques will be! The furniture your great grandma had in her home can now be classed as antique if she lived in the early 1900s. A piece of furniture becomes an antique after fifty years, although most antique dealers prefer it be older than that.

Tomorrows antiques do not get a lot of consideration, as when people decide to modernise their homes much of the furniture that they class as out dated often ends up on the council rubbish tip and is lost forever. How ever many an antique dealer and antique market traders will visit and browse through the discarded items and may come across something of value.

An old chest of drawers or some other item of furniture may look scruffy and well worn, and not worthy of consideration, but these are often tomorrows antiques. These items of furniture can be restored to all their original glory by an expert restorer or sometimes by someone learning the art of restoring furniture. You can browse around an antique market and many of the items on display look like pieces of junk, many are rusted or torn and dilapidated but to a dealer or a discerning customer they can be just what they are looking for.

In the old days a rag and bone man as we called them, used to come around with a horse and cart and collect all the so called rubbish. In exchange he would give a few coppers of even a balloon or lollipop to the children. This would encourage the children to push their mother into finding some piece of old junk to hand over in exchange for these delights.

Many of these rag and bone men became very wealthy people through your generosity in getting rid of your rubbish.

Jumble sales are still held in church halls, these contribute towards the upkeep of the church. As many people who help out at these sales, and who contribute the goods to sell are often elderly people, quite often old items such as ornaments or jewellery can be found that could be valuable.

I was doing auctions on eBay and I decided to visit a jumble sale at a local church. I felt decidedly self conscious about it until arriving to face a queue I noticed some very well dressed people in front of me. They looked as if they were visiting a high class auction sale instead of a jumble sale, and that fact put me at my ease.

I did not find a lot at this jumble sale but I did buy a large quantity of old car magazines. These I sold on eBay for quite a profit and they went to America. Many people collect antiques for the love of it, while others look at the monetary value; what ever you do it for you probably still enjoy the search and the enjoyment when you find your antiques.

Buying Used Cars

Many people prefer purchasing a used car, as it often proves to be cheap and inexpensive. The increase in importance and sales of used cars can be attributed to the fact that many people cannot afford to purchase a brand new car. People can purchase used cars through numerous dealers, retail agencies, and individual sellers. It is very important that people conduct enough research before making a purchase decision; buying a used car is considered an important financial decision. Private sales often tend to be a good buy, but customers need to be cautious when buying from an individual. Whenever possible, buyers are advised to deal with a seller they know and trust.

People should take care while purchasing a used car. They should opt for cars having an active warranty period. It is also important to make sure all the relevant documents are available. There are many guides available that people can go through in order to purchase a used car. While purchasing a used car, people are advised to check out the car’s repair record, maintenance costs, safety and mileage rankings in consumer magazines or online.

Used cars can also be purchased from used car superstores. These superstores have a large collection of cars, and customers generally have an access to a computerized database that assists them in making a suitable selection.

Used cars can also be purchased form a number of dealers and agencies. Customers are advised to conducts sufficient inquiries and research in order to locate a reputed supplier.

The numbers of private retailers and agencies that focus on selling used cars have considerably increased over the years. Most of these retailers and agencies can also be easily found online. Most of these used cars are in good condition and are a good investment for many people. Many online sites are also available wherein detailed information is given about the local agencies and dealers selling used cars.