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Travel Journals – Scrapbooks of Your Don’t-Ever-Want-To-Forget Trips

Grab a travel journal that has both lined and blank pages, find and unbridle your “little kid” enthusiasm for collecting things, and off you go!

What qualifies for this kind of adventure, you ask?

Most definitely the words “travel journal” sound like you are going on a trip — so let’s say you are. For years you have probably been doing the following:

- dreaming of visiting a particular place
- torn out and stashed articles about it
- gathered information from newspapers and magazines
- ordered numerous travel company catalogs
- researched it at the library
- spent hours online reading about it

During this same time, have your ears perked up every time someone mentioned the place… did you surprise yourself in overcoming your usual shyness, leaned forward and asked questions?

Would it be safe to say you have “mentally” visited the place, now you are so primed and yearning to “physically” experience the culture, the people, the aromas, the sites revealing its history, the food unique to the region, and everything else awaiting you?

You are ready to immerse yourself… to feel the differences and the similarities.

On this type of trip, you might choose to “leave yourself at home” in order to absorb a fresh understanding. An expansion of you certainly would mean life-altering growth.

You would not come home the same person, would you?

When taking in so many new things, our minds handle it moment by moment, falsely convincing us that we shall remember it all later. Our mind shouts, “Bring it on, there is space for more!!!”

You & I both know that it is not about the space, the capacity, to “take it in” that is our challenge. It is our ability later to “pull it back out“, to recall these fantastic, special moments that is our challenge.

(My eyes closed and my shoulders dropped in relief the other day when I heard a physician, who specializes in dementia & Alzheimer’s, be adamant the audience accept the FACT that it is NORMAL not to be able to recall details. I liked her definition of the time to call her for a consultation: when I find myself, or someone I love, putting the car keys in the refrigerator.)
That’s a deal, doctor!

However, this very minute, we all need to handle the FACT you, the expert doctor, bluntly put to us: we forget.

And Life proves you right! How many trips, fantastic trips, have we taken and cannot retrieve from our memory banks? We don’t even have the deposit slips.

(Do you hear the trumpets? Or, drum rolls? Listen… )

Your planning-for, paying-for, participating-in, poof-gone trips can be a thing of your past…

Today there is a new style of travel journal which will become your best friend on a trip. It combines comfortably spaced lines on the right pages and blank pages on the left, plus other features that help you collect goodies.

The lined pages entice your pen to jot down just a couple of descriptive words about what you are experiencing (seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing), which, guaranteed, will quickly trigger your memory, in full color, any time in the future when you read those words.

The blank pages draw you to place souvenirs, tickets, postcards, part of a menu, literally any memento which is meaningful of that time. And, the artist in you can come out to play, sketch or paint. Some of your photos can easily be added when you return home.

With a journal like this one, it is time for you to tap back into your “little kid” enthusiasm for collecting things.

Good-bye to lost travel memories. Hello to fun recording and recalling in a new travel journal that is also a scrapbook!

Magazine Subscriptions: Look For One Stop Shop For All Your Subscriptions

A popular saying “a book is man’s best friend” should include the word ‘magazines’ too. You will find magazines on almost any topic under the sun just as you would find books on a variety of subjects. Not only are magazines and books a source of information, they also keep you constructively occupied. Magazines tend to satisfy the ever growing thrust for knowledge.

Books vs. Magazines
While books can be stored and read as and when you want, they contain stories, whereas magazines contain latest informative content. Each magazine is generally restricted to a subject that affects one or other aspects of our daily lives. Thus, you can buy magazines that deal with topics like gardening, cooking, matters related to finance, cars, education, career, etc. Magazines are published periodically-weekly, fortnightly or monthly or bi-monthly.

Latest Information
Magazines offer opportunities to remain abreast of the latest trends and advances. Publication in the magazines is designed in such a way that a reader will not find it monotonous or boring – you will find good photographs, tables, even a page or two devoted to pleasures like crosswords, puzzles, etc. One can get magazines at the newsstands or book-stalls.

Magazines -Buy or Subscribe
If you are on lookout for one issue of a magazine, e.g. pass time during a flight, you would buy it from a book stand. If however, you wish to get a magazine of your liking regularly, you would subscribe for it. Buying every issue from a book stand would cost you more, besides having to spend time to go to the stand.

Online Magazine Subscription
One easy way to subscribe is to do it online. There are many sites on the internet that collect subscriptions for magazines of various publishers and facilitate delivery at your door step. The advantage of subscribing through such site is that they keep track of all your subscriptions, address and contact details; you need not go to individual publisher for a change in your delivery details. Customer is the king, so if you do not find a magazine that you want to subscribe to in their list, they will go out of their way to see that it is included and available to you. If you need to get magazines restricted to geographical areas, you could look for magazine subscriptions Australia, magazine Subscriptions New Zealand, etc.

So next time you wish to go for a subscription or a renewal, look for an ideal site that allows you to subscribe to all your favorite magazine under one roof. Also, look for sites that allow you to donate a part of your subscription for a good cause. That way you will subscribe for two things with a single payment – magazine and someone else’s happiness!

How To Save Gas When Antiquing

With gas prices climbing to over $4.00 a gallon, many people are reluctant to drive around antiquing and visiting tag sales . What is an obsessed collector to do when the urge to get out and about is in direct conflict with just how much it costs today to fill up the tank? The solution is to plan more and be more selective about where you are shopping. The days of “hit and miss” hunting for antiques and collectibles may need to be modified.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Visit antique group shops or multi-dealer shops where lots of dealers can be found under one roof.

2. Search for towns on-line which have many antique shops within one or two block parameters.

3. Map out your tag sale journey by reading your local paper and setting up a plan before you drive around here and there.

4. Choose to attend large flea markets or antique shows where many dealers can be found all at one time.

5. Subscribe to regional newspapers and magazines on antiquing which will highlight upcoming shows and towns known for antiquing where you can find many dealers in one place.

6. Use on-line sources about antiquing to learn about antique malls, shops, auctions etc.

7. Incorporate antiquing trips with other travel i.e. on the way to a family event or vacation.

8. Consider using the family car instead of the family truck when out buying.

9. Travel with others in one car when antiquing and visiting shops and shows.

10. Call ahead if you are looking for a specific item to minimize a wild goose chase.

11. Be sure you know ahead of time store hours and days of operation to avoid wasted trips.

12. Bring along a map of the area or invest in a portable navigational system.