Toys for the Boys – How to Get Started in Collecting Die Cast Model Cars

If you think that children are the only people who collect toy cars, better think again. Most adult men have been known to be lovers and collectors of die cast model cars. These model cars are also known as matchbox cars (from the known die cast model cars manufacturer) and these mini-replicas of actual cars have not only held the attention of most gentlemen in the previous decades but have also continued to amaze men of the current high-tech generation.

What most people do not realize is that these car collection can be of high value with the passage of time. There have been models that have been on the market for sometime while those that have been released as limited editions. If you want your collection to be as valuable as other collectors’, then you need to keep your die cast model miniature cars in mint condition, with the original box. Of course, the price tags and other “special features” should be in tip-top condition as well. Simply put, your miniature car collection should always look like it’s been purchased off the shelf.

When you purchase these model miniature cars, it will often come in its own box which will state the model and make of the car. From the box, you will also learn from what car line the particular model is from and often, a short history of the car. If you take care of these boxes enough, they can be as valuable as the car itself. Now, when you start your collection, you can opt to purchase cars individually or purchase them by set. Of course, sets are known to be cheaper than buying individual cars however, if you are not fond of collecting car lines, then it’s probably not a very good idea to purchase die cast car sets.

Storing your cars may also require careful attention and detail. Your cars should not be kept in places that receive direct sunlight as this may damage your car’s color. Moisture, heat and dirt are also threats to the preservation of your car which means that before you start your collection, you should have a special case that will display all your cars while protecting it from the elements. Any form of damage can lower the value of your car, especially if its case (often made of thin cardboard and plastic) is damaged beyond repair. There are display cases that are available online while you can also opt to have your own customized display case. Of course, you can always repair damaged cars but you also have to be very careful when you do so. Touch ups that are not done properly can lead to further damage and lower value.

This does not mean however, that only mint condition of such model cars are of value. If you happen to save a couple of models when you were little, they can still be valuable depending on its model and the rarity of your model car. You can always check out collector’s magazines, catalogs and other die cast collectors on which models and makes are rare and which are highly priced.

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to buy your first die cast model car?